Set Me Up For Success! 7 Pack Modern Cloth with Extras


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This is an ideal starter kit for the modern cloth nappy newbie, or a top up for a pro! Give it as a gift or keep for your own little people!


  • 7 x Multi Fit Pocket Nappies (One size fits most babies 4kg - 16kg. Each nappy comes with a soft breathable waterproof outer cover, a bamboo pre-fold and a microfibre booster).
  • 10 microfibre boosters
  • Teeny Tote (reusable wet bag for changes of liners or nappies when out and about - 20 x 30cm)
  • Home & Go Mat (Generous sized luxury change mat - 70 x 100cm. Comes in its own tidy little bag)


* Note: This is the same 7 pack of nappies as here, with the reusable liners, wet bag and change mat included.