Reusable Nursing Pads

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Packaged up in their own handy little mesh laundry bag, these 6 reusable breast pads (making 3 pairs) are unlike most of others on the market.

pop-in-reusable-breast-pads-close-up.jpgFirstly, they are uniquely shaped to fit the natural contours of the breast meaning you are less likely to be flashing off visibles lumps and bumps through your bra. Mummas might be trying to be practical at this point in life but that doesn't mean they doesn't want to look their level sleep deprived best.  For some mums, bumps and lumps under the bra is one thing they could do without. So here is your answer to avoiding that.

The other bonus about these pads is the unique 'seal to skin' binding they have. This stops the pad from moving about and popping out the top of your bra while you are trying to pay for your groceries, even when the pad is full. It's pretty awesome.

Lastly, these ultra slim pads of awesomeness have three very specific layers: 1. Waterproof layer where the pad meets the bra - no leaking through. 2. Absorbent inner layer made of soya bean frabic full of thermo-regulating properites - no overheating. 3. Fast-wicking polyester next to the breast that immediately "wicks" the milk away from the skin into that absorbent core.

In short, these resusable breastpads offer comfort, style AND are eco friendly. They are an absolute steal at $24.95 for a pack of 6 PLUS the FREE wash bag.