Pop-In Soaker/Booster Set


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Have a heavy wetter?  Travelling and want to minimise nappy changes? Amp up absorbency of your reusable modern cloth nappy with the Pop-in Soaker/Booster sets available in both V1 Grey Minkee or V2 in soothing Snowball {white} both Minkee and Bamboo.


Makes Life Simpler

These booster/soaker sets are just what a parent needs to make cloth nappying simpler!

Both bamboo and minkee are gorgeously soft and amazingly absorbent too, which means that your baby has the most indulgent and comfy booster to soak up all that liquid with ease.

Makes Parenting Easier

Minkee boosters are perfect for parents who don’t have much outdoor space for drying. They are a great alternative for parents who are willing to trade a few more changes per day for a little more convenience come laundry time. Minkee soaker sets can be washed, dried and back on baby within just a few hours!

Bamboo boosters are ideal for parents who are concerned about sensitive or allergy prone skin, or those who simply want an alternative to cotton or man-made fibres. 

Depending on your needs, choose the booster that is best suited for what you and your bundle of joy needs, knowing that these are chemical-free, absorbent and super soft.


Makes More Sense

Here’s why Bamboo and Minkee are the materials of choice for the Pop-in Booster/Soaker and the difference between the two: 


We like bamboo for lots of reasons. 

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, mainly because it has an extraordinary capacity to absorb water which helps it to grow faster. 

The end result is an excellent wicking fibre, which is 3 times more absorbent than cotton. Bamboo is grown naturally, without industrialised farming. It is sustainable, and thrives without pesticides or fertilizers. 

It is 100% biodegradable, cuts like grass and re-shoots without being uprooted which means it can grow in places where other crops are simply not viable. 



Minkee is a microfibre, which means it is made up of lots of tiny ultra fine fibres which are several times thinner than a human hair. But unlike standard microfibre, Minkee is never sticky to the touch. Made using micro polyester, it is incredibly luxurious and so so soft and it stays that way even after repeated washing.

Both the minkee and the jaquard used are fast wicking, so moisture is cleverly and quickly drawn away from delicate bottoms. Synthetic fibres aren’t as absorbent as natural ones but they air dry much faster.