Cocooi™ Newborn Gown


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These lovely gowns are just ideal for your newborn. The soft, fine Merino fabric has many qualities that help improve baby's sleep (see below). We use love the use of natural fibres!

Merino Kids garments have a lovely crossover neckline that makes putting it on over baby's head easy, while keeping shoulders covered. The Cocooi gowns also have fold-over sleeves to act as mittens, keeping baby's fingers warm. The quality is excellent, so you will get lots of use out of this for successive babies, to pass along for friends or family to use, or to resell after you've finished using it.

Manufacturer's Description

The Cocooi™ Newborn Gown is made from 100% superfine merino and has been designed especially for the NB-3mth age group. It features an elastic 'pouch' bottom, ensuring that baby stays safe and warm inside the gown, and ease of use when dressing your baby.

Why Merino?

It breathes and controls moisture
A unique feature of ­merino is that it ­absorbs ­perspiration from the skin and releases it into the air. This means your child will never feel ‘clammy’ since humidity between skin and ­garment is lowered.

It controls temperature
Merino fibre actively regulates ­temperature, ­protecting your baby from extremes ­because it keeps him warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.

It reduces allergies
Superfine merino is soft and silky and does not itch your baby’s skin. ­Because it has the ­ability to ­respond to changes in ­temperature, it’s amongst the most ­comfortable material you can put your baby in.

It improves sleep routines
­Merino has been linked with a lower ­incidence of skin allergies. Medical studies have proven that ­merino ­improves the sleep patterns of babies and ­infants. At the ­Cambridge ­Maternity ­Hospital in 1979, Scott and Richards ­revealed that babies ­sleeping on ­merino ­settled more quickly, cried less, fed better and gained weight faster.

Premature and low weight babies thrive in merino
The same medical studies investigating the effect of merino on low birth weight babies found that they gained an extra 10g a day compared to babies that weren’t sleeping on merino.

Swaddling with merino
A number of studies have shown that ­swaddling babies tends to reduce the ­likelihood of Sudden Infant Death ­Syndrome (SIDS). Since overheating has been identified as a key factor in many cases of SIDS there is a strong case for ­using merino because of its previously noted ­ability to regulate heat and humidity.

It’s comfortable and easy to care for
Merino fibres contain a silky outer layer, making them soft to the touch, and less likely to irritate ­sensitive skin. Our merino is a finespun fabric, ­making it soft and comfortable to wear. It has ­a ­natural ­elastic property, meaning our ­garments fit snugly every time.

Fire resistant
Merino is naturally fire resistant. It doesn't readily catch fire and even when it is burned, it self-extinguishes when the source of flame is removed. When merino is exposed to flame it doesn't melt and stick to the skin like synthetic fabrics. That's why fire-fighters' uniforms incorporate merino. In contrast, synthetic fabrics present a high fire danger and are often required to be treated with fire-retardant chemicals which can irritate sensitive skin.