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Close Parent Pop-In Single Nappies


Close Parent Pop-In Single Nappies

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The BRAND NEW 100% adorable Close Parent Pop-in Designs are NOW IN. These guys have really dialled up the cuteness factor this year. You are going to LOVE IT!

This year it is all about Woodland creatures and Christmas friends! It's very now, darlings. Only the best for the babies.

For those new to the world of Pop-in Nappies, let me give you some handy info so you can understand why they are so awesome.

Pop-Ins are what is referred to as an all in 2 nappy system. What does this mean?

It means you have a waterproof outer cover that can be kept entirely separate and then the inner soaking/booster layers that you literally just POP IN to the nappy using little teeny tiny press studs.

Let me show you a pic:

pop-in-threelayers-with-detail.jpgThe best thing about this is that if you baby hasn't had the world's biggest accident, when you do a nappy change you can simply remove the wet popped in layers and reuse the dry outer cover. And look at that...LESS WASHING. Wow! I think this is my favourite pop-in nappy feature. If your bubby is a weeing machine and the wetness goes through to the outer layer, don't worry. These new generation nappies now also feature an extra absorbent panel concealed within the gusset.

You can also add the wonderfully awesome nightime booster to keep nights dry and comfortable for your baby.

My second favourite pop-in nappy feature is the velcro tabs, making them just as easy to do up as a disposable. If you have a system that is too complicated then some dads and grandparents are going to struggle to figure out how it works, simply as they aren't using the system all of the time like you are. The pop-ins are, without a doubt, an easy peasy user friendly reusable nappy system.

My next second favourite pop-in nappy feature (it was a tie - this feature is SO GOOD) is that the nappies are ONE SIZE FITS ALL. That's right: they grow with your baby.

How do they manage this? Great question!

They have press studs on the outer of the nappy and you simply use the studs applicable to the sizing of your bub. NOW, don't freak out if your baby seems to be expanding quickly and looking like he will outgrow the nappies way too early. Generally, this isn't what happens. Once they get mobile their body shape changes and it all works out. There will be the odd bub that is the exception to this but for most, this will be how it happens.

Here is a great table showing you the nappy stages.


And a great pic showing the expanding press stud options I mentioned above. 




We hope you enjoy this awesome new design range of Pop-In nappies. If you are still undecided about whether or not you want to try cloth nappies then check out our Cloth vs Disposable Comparison we had one of our blogging mums carry out for us. We chose her specifically as she has never used a cloth nappy in her life! It is well worth the read. 

We also recommend that you take the time to read this brief page on the best way to hang your nappies for drying. This will ensure you get maximum life out of your elastic edged soaker and trust me, you want this. This is what helps keeps the nappy from leaking.



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