Car Seat Protector

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Available in four different prints: HIPPO, MONKEY, ROBOT and RUSSIAN DOLLS, these car seat protectors are a lifesaver at toilet training time.

While they are made for the car seat, they can be used in anything your toddler sits in: pram, high chair, stroller or trolley for example.

The protectors are fully adjustable using velcro, which connects between the sides and the back. This allows you to open the insert and contour it to the shape of the car seat you are using. It also allows you to insert it around the car seat harness safely.

A fully absorbent fast wicking fleece layer is integrated to immediately transfer the moisture away from your child's bottom. 

This is a fabulous product that is versatile even if you aren't toilet training - think crumbs in the carseat and pram!

Removal and cleaning is straight forward and simple. 



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