Bobo Bear Backpack

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Made from recycled PET bottle plastic, Bobo Bear will provide your little one with both a very functional carry bag and a cute friend.


Find endearing little differences and loving attention to detail. Each Affenzahn backpack is finished by hand, adding an individual touch to each little Affenzahn face.

Your Affenzahn bag can stick out its tongue and reveal the name of its best friend; you!

Is it dark? I can see you! Your Affenzahn backpack has reflectors so that your friends can still find you in the dark.

The Affenzahn backpack has a reinforced handle, perfect for hanging on a hook at home, nursery, or kindergarten.

Can you give me a lift on your back? Easy for little shoulders to carry, the straps are soft and velvety, covered in velour.

Snap and press straps. The chest strap clasp is easy to open and close.

The chest strap height is adjustable to securely hold your bag on.

Weight: 200g

Capacity: 4 litres

Dimensions: 16.5 x 10 x 25.5cm