Bamboo Snap Cloth Nappies


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One thing better than a modern cloth nappy, is a one size fits most cloth nappy!

The snaps nappy from Close Parent is perfect for those looking for an alternative to Velcro nappies, still easy to use but harder for little hands to undo! All the reliability of Pop-in but with snaps! What’s not to love? 

These adorable cloth nappies are adjustable, so they grow as your baby grows and you get a perfect custom fit every time. 

And with no harmful chemicals they are much better for the environment too.

Alternative to disposable nappies with great features 

  • made from bamboo, so they’re breathable, soft and durable
  • waterproof shell that holds a soaker and booster together 
  • elasticated waist for a perfect fit 
  • double leg gussets to prevent leakage
  • removable soaker and booster for more absorbency and faster drying
  • easy care machine washableno soaking required 
  • extra absorbent panel holds in wetness—keeping baby drier for longer

Suitable from birth to potty 

The clever pop-in snaps are easily adjusted as your baby grows, giving you a perfect fit no matter what. The four size stages accommodate babies weighing from three kilos (average newborn) to sixteen kilos (average toddler). 

So, a perfect fit means less risk of leaks!

For extra night time absorbency, add the Pop-in’s clever booster available for purchase separately,  to help keep baby dry & ensuring nothing but dream filled nights, for you and baby!

Oh-so-cute design

This reusable nappy features a selection of adorable prints bound to match plenty of your baby’s wardrobe. (Because your baby probably has more new clothes than you do, right?)

Better for baby

  • super absorbent and better fit means less leakage—giving baby a more comfortable night’s sleep
  • ultra comfortable, no itching or rubbing
  • protects baby’s delicate, sensitive or allergy-prone skin

Better for you

  • cheaper than disposables in the long run  
  • gorgeous colours and patterns 
  • easy to change, fit, wash and drymodern cloth nappies are just as convenient as disposables 
  • The front adjustable poppers and leg gusset give a snug fit, so baby is dry, comfortable and happy

Better for the environment

  • no harmful chemicals or plastics
  • all natural bamboo fabric 
  • disposable nappies take centuries to decompose—causing considerable environmental damage

Perfect fit size guide: from birth to potty

You can use this adjustable nappy until your little is potty trained! Convenient and economical! 

  • stage one:      3.1–5.5 kg
  • stage two:      5.5–7.7 kg
  • stage three:  7.7–11.3 kg
  • stage four:    11.3–16 kg +

Fitting tips

  • choose a fit that most closely fits around your baby’s legs for maximum containment
  • your baby will progress quickly through the size settings, faster than you anticipate 
  • baby may reach the larger setting at night by six to eight monthsdon’t panic, they will soon be mobile and their body shape will change 
  • maximum waist size is 57 cm

Care instructions

  • Use a normal/long wash cycle up to 60°C 
  • Hang pop-in nappies horizontally across the line to prevent drag on the elastic 
  • the inner pop-in soaker may be tumble dried 
  • wash dark colours separately 
  • the fabrics are built to last, but some colours will fade with ongoing use 
  • staining or loss of colour may occur (which does not affect the functionality of the nappy and therefore is not covered by warranty) 
  • these are new gen V2 nappies and are not compatible with previous versions of the pop-in        

Parents please note

Many factors can affect the colours of the inserts once in use. This is a product that is potentially coming in contact with all variety of baby secretions. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that the colours will retain their integrity. Depending what baby produces, and how they are washed, in some cases, the inserts may become stained or lose their colour. Please be assured that this does not affect the functionality of the product in any way, so we cannot indemnify against this and it is not covered by the warranty.