10 Pack Modern Cloth Set with BONUS


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On average, for one baby to wear disposable nappies from birth for the standard duration, will cost around $3000! Not to mention the impact of non-biodegradable nappies on the environment!

This is a 10 pack of multi fit modern cloth nappies. They will fit most babies between approximately 4 and 16kg. They are easy to care for, and can be used for consecutive children as well, saving even more money & damage to the environment.

A one-size-fits-most design with three sets of snaps means that Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappies fit most babies from birth through toilet training.

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BONUS wet bag to hold wet liners and nappies while out and about, plus a set of luxury liners!

Makes Life Simpler

The pocket nappy comes with a soft breathable waterproof outer cover, a bamboo prefold and a microfibre booster, which can be used together or individually depending on your child’s needs and the size setting of the nappy.

A wide crotch makes it easy to insert the boosters and wide wings makes it a good fit for larger babies and toddlers, without compromising on a fantastic fit for newborns and petite babies.

Makes Parenting Easier

A super comfy nappy means a happy baby and the Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappy has a comfortable elasticised waist and an ultra soft, suedecloth inner layer which which acts as a moisture barrier by pulling urine through to the absorbent boosters and away from the skin.

The close fitting twin gussets prevent leakages, which are a big plus for sanity.